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Services : Server Virtualization

Servers require constant monitoring to keep them running optimally. Our team of experts will eliminate your overhead costs in unexpected malfunctions and replacements. VMware is a virtualization and cloud computing software provider for x86-compatible computers.



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VMware virtualization is based on the ESX/ESXi bare metal hypervisor, supporting virtual machines. The term "VMware" is often used in reference to specific VMware Inc. products such as VMware Workstation, VMware View, VMware Horizon Application Manager and VMware vCloud Director.


VM, which stands for "Virtual Machine" (not to be confused with the broader term virtual machine), is a widely-installed operating system for IBM-compatible computers and servers that can host other operating systems in such a way that each operating system behaves as if it were installed on a self-contained computer with its own set of programs and hardware resources.

Virtualization is at the heart of VMware’s “one cloud, any application, any device” architecture. It’s the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility – not just for large enterprises, but for small and midsize businesses too.
7-13 IT Solutions


Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure
Virtualize and consolidate servers, and do the same for networking, storage and security, at your own pace. Enable provisioning in minutes and complete your private cloud with automated management.   vCloud Suite   Request Quote
vSphere with Operation Management Download Trial Request Quote
vCenter Download Trial Request Quote
Intergrated OpenStack   Request Quote
vCloud   Request Quote


Data Center and Cloud Management
Manage virtualized and dynamic hybrid cloud environments with purpose-built tools. Unify, automate and simplify all facets of management for the highest performance, capacity utilization and compliance.   vRealize Suite   Request Quote
vRealize Operations Insight   Request Quote
vRealize Operations Download Trial Request Quote
vRealize Automation   Request Quote
vRealize Business   Request Quote
vRealize Log Insight Download Trial Request Quote
vRealize Code Stream   Request Quote
vRealize Orchestrator   Request Quote
vRealize Hyperic   Request Quote


Infrastructure as a Service
Implement a hybrid cloud in hours with a reliable, secure cloud service that’s completely interoperable with your data center. Deploy all your existing processes and applications just as they are.   vCloud Air Dedicated Cloud   Request Quote
vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud   Request Quote
vCloud Air Disaster Recovery   Request Quote


Desktop and Application Virtualization
Simply and securely deliver Windows desktops, applications and online services to end users across virtual datacenters, virtual machines and physical devices.   Workspace Suite   Request Quote
Horizon 6 Download Trial Request Quote
Horizon FLEX Download Trial Request Quote
Horizon Air Desktop Download Trial Request Quote
Horizon Air Desktop DR   Request Quote
App Volumes Download Trial Request Quote
User Environment Manager Download Trial Request Quote
Horizon Application Management Bundle   Request Quote
Content Collaboration Bundle Download Trial Request Quote
Mirage Download Trial Request Quote
ThinApp Download Trial Request Quote
vRealize Operations for Horizon Download Trial Request Quote


Personal Desktop
Easily and flexibly run Windows programs on a Mac at home or work. Do more on your laptop than ever before: run apps on multiple operating systems. Develop, test and debug. Even build an entire cloud.   Fusion Download Trial Request Quote
Fusion Pro Download Trial Request Quote
Workstation Pro Download Trial Request Quote
Workstation Player Download Trial Request Quote


Applications and Data Platform
Leverage the efficiencies of a virtualized infrastructure that is ideal to develop and deploy modern applications. Take advantage of lightweight footprints that allow for greater consolidation ratios and improved utilization.   Pivotal App Suite Download Trial Request Quote
Pivotal CF Download Trial Request Quote
Pivotal GemFIre Download Trial Request Quote
Pivotal RabbitMQ Download Trial Request Quote
Pivotal tc Server Download Trial Request Quote


Free Products
Save money by virtualizing servers with the industry’s best hypervisor. Safely try new software in isolated virtual machines on your PC. And quickly convert physical to virtual machines—all for free.   vSphere Hypervisor Free Download
vCenter Converter Free Download


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